Adults Only!!

Whatever Lola wants, Lola GETS!

And if you're worthy of My attention,
Lola wants your money!

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Well, Lucky YOU!
You just found the most gorgeous GODDESS you'll ever see!

So start worshipping ME RIGHT NOW!!
You should be on your knees while you're reading this.

To feel a sense of my power over you,
before scrolling down, be a good little boy
and OBEY ME by kneeling for 10 seconds NOW!!

Did you do it, or do you already need discipline?

From now on, if you're not going to do as you're told,
don't waste My time! GO AWAY!!


Now, as I was saying, you've just found the most Gorgeous Goddess in the world.
I will control you, tease you, and take everything from you.
It's all for ME!!
And you will BEG ME to accept your gifts.

You can see from My picture how beautiful I am.
I'm also smart and talented.
I speak multiple languages,
and I was a professional opera singer.

Some day, I might sing for you, but only after I get

You may call Me Mistress, Lady Lola, Ms. Lola, Princess, Goddess, or Mistress Lola.

If you respect Me, honor Me, and obey Me,
we can engage in sessions involving financial domination,
foot fetish, teasing and denial, spanking, body worship,
or whatever else I might be in the mood for.

By the way, I don't sell My services.
I'm a REAL superior dominant female, and you will give Me gifts,
because I graciously agree to spend a bit of My valuable time
to kick your lazy ass. Got it?

Now that you understand the situation, you may contact Me.
Send Me an introduction e-mail and I might allow you
the privilege of chatting with Me.

A tribute accompanying your e-mail will show Me that you're serious.

When I receive your first gift or tribute,
I'll give you a list of ways you can help Me financially,
such as paying My utility bills, pedicures, clothing, etc.

Tributes should be sent by transferring money from your PayPal account
to Mine at
If you don't know how to do this, ask someone!
Don't bother Me with stupid questions.

You may email Me at

Just do as I say, when I say to do it,
be as generous as you can possibly be,
and you'll have a good chance of keeping My attention focused on you.

Now go and start working on that tribute and introduction e-mail!!

Geldsklaven zahlen hier !!!